"SMS" to pressing the crime

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You believed if a crime can be thwarted only be sent the sms contained three letters then?Not the casualties that sent but the eyewitness ditempat kejadian. police Boston the United States found the new method of pressing the criminal figure diwilayah this.

They sosialitation the solution to the SMS to report the act of the crime that by chance. only with write the tip and sent this message to the anonymous number, then the police will respond to him.This solution was believed in could effective was compared must changed looked for help closest. with shouted not help that you could even the perpetrators of the crime could turn to injure you, who it was considered disrupted their activity.

Therefore this sms could be used for the eyewitness who wanted to report the act of the crime in a place.After write three letters, eventually will have the reply sms to ask for information in more detail about the act of the crime. the scene of the crime address, the number of perpetrators even the mode that happen.

For there Boston police would direct patroli, the intensity of the identity of the sender will be published and maintained secreat. the report traditionally through telephone conversation, it was considered has been old and rare was used again, then the sms was then made to be new by the media, added Edward davis the commissioner of police boston.

Really was different from police's sms 1717 properties of Indonesian police that were supplemented with LBS where the location the sender could be traced the place. you were kept sending the short message to 1717 and police will at once trace the place of this incident through location base service, without must ask before to sender.

This program was the merging of SMS technology with the number of anonymous police that were first in USA. in fact in Indonesia the report through the sms already diimplementation RI police since last 2005.


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To battery indeed often was ignored, in fact a digital
camera his life from battery. when your
camera used the kind battery NiMH then
battery that had selfdischarge
(the reduction power personally) around
1%every day,if youdid not use in a period
of years old, apparently must dicharge
repeated before digunakan. whereas to
keep might not be emptied before, even
better be filled first up,because of the
effect selfdischarge will empty battery that
with sendirinya. for the capacity cycle recharge him,
battry this will continue to be able to be used like the
guidance except for reasons of certain battery broken.
When the battery was kept more than 3-4 months then was
made an effort to get direcharge repeated to avoid the
evacuation battery that exceeded the minimal limit.
Used charger that had the function refresh.This was
important to extend the age battery.
The memory card, did not have issued the memory card when
the camera was still living, because that will damage the
picture or damaged the memory card personally.
When your camera provided fitur the format to the card memory,
the format with the computer with used FAT32.

Methods treated the digital camera

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The storage, used the special
place and don't use camphor
to reduce humidity air.
Because benzoin could shorten
the age of the material’s that
was made from rubber but also
shortened the PCB age theplace
chip and the digital camera
component was stuck.
To avoid the matter above,
better for the place of
the special airtight but cool
storage, dry and not clammy.
must be remembered by air
humidity also really
influenced the age of the componentin the camera.
For that you must add Silica Gel as the humidity absorber.

Reduce contact with the sun, direct contact with the sun
indeed was difficult to be avoided, then better give the
special protection could like the bag of the camera.
Better should not too much often carried out photography
against the sun rays, if could far away. This could make
the age of the sensitive digital camera censor the light
could decrease in fact immediately could be broken.

Avoid the jolt, when the digital camera was brought went
on a trip, certainly the jolt could not be avoided, better
use the special place for the camera, because the special
bag of the camera had the attenuation that could reduce
the jolt.
For the camera pocket better give the attenuation of the
addition to his place,usually the camera pocket only was
supplied the bag of the pocket.Bought the special bag for
the camera pocket you and gave few attenuation inside.

Cleaned the lens, for the user of the digital camera the
kind pocket, you could clean the camera lens tohis exterior
only. Cleaned with clean dry cloth and not curt.For the
professional camera could be cleaned to the interior lens
and this must be carried out with the careful. The use
blowerthat often was sold camera store. As a couple blower
also could the measuring probe 1/2 inch that had never been
worn to the object or the need other.When the lens was
affected by the stain like water, oil or the finger, used
tissue especially for the camera that often was sold in
outlet.Tissue especially this was good enough because
would not be the scratch.

Avoid the sprinkling of water, when you vaction on the
water tour, better have a careful with the sprinkling water.
Moreover when the sprinkling of water sea during the tour on
the beach,could be able to your camera at once experienced
damage seriously. Sea water was the main enemy of the objects
that was made metal, moreover for the digital. camera moreover
for the professional digital camera, certainly the element
metal was gotten in bodi him really a lot of. The sprinkling
of soft sea water could often appear and become the source
of rust that really profesional. When your camera fall to sea
water or sprinkling that enough to anticipate, should not
postpone again,immediately took his battery and rinsed with
fresh water. Furthermore hydrate with the hair dryer. Before
lighted confirmed the condition for this digital camera
was dry.